April 29, 2015

The New Parish in Downtown Oakland is packed. About 300 attendees wave their hands and clap as five purple stage lights illuminate the silhouette of a guy wearing a plaid suit, a red vest, a tie and shiny black shoes. The band—drums, piano, bass and guitar—starts playi...

April 6, 2015

Blue Bottle Coffee’s historic W.C. Morse Cafe on Broadway became a casual and intimate concert hall Thursday night as three members of the Oakland East Bay Symphony performed selections from Vivaldi, Debussy and more.


Called “Cup of Classical,” the event was the latest...

March 27, 2015

Two years ago, Jake Anderson took three friends from India to an NBA basketball game. To his surprise, his friends weren’t very impressed with what they saw. “We thought basketball games were fast and entertaining. This was the opposite,” one of them said. That was whe...

February 24, 2015

Little kids enjoyed petting sheep and baby lambs on a sunny, Sunday afternoon in the Oakland Museum of California’s garden in celebration of the Lunar New Year. The museum welcomed in the new year with a fun-filled festival of Chinese and other Asian traditions for the...

February 18, 2015

Love was in the air. That’s the feeling Heather Edgar hoped to convey to the visitors who stopped by at her art exhibition on Saturday at noon. Heart-shaped cookies, pink lemonade and cupcakes with pink frosting and heart-shaped sparkles were served at the reception—an...

February 3, 2015

In early January, Eileen Alden and Supreet Singh Manchanda sat in front of a computer, opened a Kickstarter account and wrote: “Have you ever asked yourself why there are no Sikh superheroes? Isn’t it time to see a hero in a turban for a change?” They set an ambitious...

December 1, 2014


Mia Stewart wasn’t enjoying having Veteran’s Day off, as the rest of her classmates were. She was worried. She had to turn in a book report on “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian” by Sherman Alexie the next day, but she didn’t have a place to type it and...

November 11, 2014

The light of the monitor reflected on Janelle’s face. She seemed absorbed by the screen. She typed: <h1>Design That Locker!</h1>


Then she paused, giggled and wrote: <p> How to survive Junior high and High School in Style! </p>.


Then she typed “background” a...

November 3, 2014

It’s Tuesday evening at City Hall, and in a conference room scattered people chat animatedly while they start setting up their computers on one of six tables. A guy in his 40s wearing jeans, sneakers and a white beret with green stripes rushes into the room. He is carr...

October 28, 2014

Kemish Rosales spent the summer of 2012, the one between his junior and senior year of high school, learning how to remove hard drives and disk drives safely, rebooting computers, installing software, cleaning mice and speakers, and attending a computer lab every Thurs...

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For Tiny Desk Concert winners Fantastic Negrito, the journey began in Oakland

April 29, 2015

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